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reconnecting movement

Frustrated with injury recovery?  Unsure which movements will support your goals?

Looking for experienced Kinesiologists who will collaborate with your medical team?

We provide the answers, connect you to the right practitioners and deliver exemplary training to give you the freedom in movement you deserve!

Essential Kinetics takes your health endeavours seriously.  We know the movement demands that are essential for achieving and regaining optimal function in all your activities, from work to sport to everyday life.


 Recognized leaders in movement retraining services

Your body constantly adapts and re-learns how to move in response to injury, pain and to the demands of activity.  Loss of healthy joint motion, movement variability and impaired motor control coupled with external stressors are the premise of chronic pain and recurrent injuries and best overcome through graduated movement integration with adaptation to stress that the body has become sensitized to.  With Essential Kinetics you get access to the latest approaches derived from sport science and health research and proven training techniques to achieve recovery & regain fitness.

Retraining movement capacity and variability with control through all of your available joint ranges is an important and effective adjunct to physiotherapy, chiropractic or alternative treatments.  We take the question out of which treatment is best for you, connect you to the right practitioners and work with them to bridge the gap from rehab to health & fitness.

Advance your health with the best team beside you every step of the way!



Essential Kinetics has been supporting clients rehabilitation & training initiatives across Vancouver for over 15 years!