The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
B. B. King
reconnecting movement


Our Kinesiologists deliver the highest standards in clinical training with a commitment to continuing education in assessing the biomechanics and function of movement, injury management and adapative movement retraining strategies under the M.A.C.T. Certification program.

To achieve certification our Kinesiologists must complete the accredited M.A.C.T. Training program, followed by one year of study and evaluation in the clinical management of injury.

We are a trusted resource and partner for medical and rehab specialists in co-treatment helping clients return to the life they want to live for the long-term.



Essential Kinetics has been supporting clients rehab & training initiatives for 15 years!


The team at Essential Kinetics is commited to bringing the best of service & continuing their own education with world-renowned clinicians.

NEW for APRIL 1, 2019

All MVA clients covered under ICBC will be provided Kinesiology support within the first 12 weeks following their accident.  Speak with your doctor to gain referral for active rehabilitation.