Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.
Norman Vincent Peale
reconnecting movement



Assessment of Functional Biomechanics & Neuromotor Control

Our comprehensive assessments are the foundation of providing you sound exercise programming.

Discover your strengths, target your imbalances and maximize your performance outcomes while preventing injury.

Essential Kinetics uses validated and evidence-based testing protocols to identify markers of movement inefficiency and potential for injury.  We work with you to re-establish the health of your joint articulations and focus on regaining your mobility with joint control through all ranges desired in your activities.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS), spinal motion tolerance, gait analysis and sport biomechanical analysis are also applied as components of your assessment and athletic development.

Clinical Physical Training & Rehab

Chronic Pain Management

Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning


Our M.A.C.T. Certified Clinical Kinesiologists develop exercise programs based on the fundamentals of sport and health science with emphasis on postural restoration, movement and function.  We employ effective and medically supported exercise programs for all individuals with special health considerations and avoid injury recurrence by addressing the root of the problem.

Our carefully designed programs keep you active and teach you movement variability and exercises that allow your affected tissues and joints to adapt.  We retrain your body to regain optimal health and performance measures.

We are committed to educating our clients, providing long-term tools so you are not dependent on ongoing treatment.

*The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) and other insurance carriers include healthcare coverage for medically supported exercise therapy in some circumstances. Ask your provider whether you may qualify for medical coverage of Active Rehabilitation and Kinesiology services.

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Essential Kinetics has been supporting clients rehabilitation & training initiatives across Vancouver for over 15 years!


We are currently supporting all efforts to keep our community healthy & reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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