If you want to know the end, look at the beginning.
African Proverb
reconnecting movement

The driving philosophy behind Essential Kinetics is to give clients freedom. Freedom from pain, freedom to retrain and regain your active pursuits and freedom to approach your health and fitness in a sustainable way.

Our M.A.C.T. Certified Kinesiologists specialize in training in injury prevention and management, movement retraining, chronic disease management, pre & post-natal fitness and sport-directed conditioning & coaching.  We have the tools you need to succeed.

Essential Kinetics believes the key to an ongoing healthy lifestyle is to find a sustainable approach to your health and fitness in the environment that best supports your needs.  By providing clinical physical training, expertise and education, we empower you with the training tools, skills and knowledge to rehabilitate and maintain an active life.





The team at Essential Kinetics is excited to be continuing their own education with world-renowned clinicians, including:


Sensory Prediction & Motor Adaptation by Daehan Kim, Mar 9

Human Matrix, Zac Cupples, Sep 15-16

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Pelvic Restoration, Sep 29-30


Training the Senses: Uncoiling the Neural Basis of Our Brain's Multi-Sensory Processing System, Feb 18-19

Recovery from Low Back Pain Through Spinal Mobilization and Stabilization with Dr. Nader Maroufi, Aug 5 - 6

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) Postural Respiration, Sep 30 - Oct 1

17th World Fitness Expo, Atlanta - Daehan Kim Keynote Speaker, Nov 16-17